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Irish Farming Videos

Memories of rural Ireland brought to life on dvd

Our farming videos look back to a time in Irelands past when farming was the main occupation, when both horses and tractors worked the land.

In our dvds we re-create the farming years of the 1920's through to the 1960's showing both how people farmed and lived through these times.

With a collection of over 40 dvd relating to Irish country life we are sure we have something to suit those interested in Ireland's heritage.

John Thompson's Videos of Irish country life

For those that seen the farming on the 1950's and 1960's our videos are guaranteed to bring back many fond memories. And for those that never seen how country life was in Ireland back then our videos provide a valuable insight into this era. Many of our dvds have been used by school thoughout Ireland to give students a glimpse of how their grandparents lived and worked.

As the horse was the primary power on the Irish farms before the 1940's the farmer of this era depended on the horses to power his farm. The relationship between farmer and horse was a special one and this shows through in many of our videos. We show ploughing being carried out with horses, reapers and binders being pulled by horsepower, donkeys working the land, sowing with fiddles, mowing with sctyhes, threshing the grain and burning the chaft, footing turf, potato gathering and plenty more.

Irish farming took a huge leap forward when the tractors began working the land and in our videos we look back at the changes this brought to countrylife. For anyone with a passion for vinatge tractors or machinary our videos will be mcuh enjoyed as we show the Ferguson's, Fordson's of the day with the history behind these inetive machines. Our videos are filled with traditional crafts such as blacksmithing, leather working, handweaving, linen production sheep shearing, milking the cows by hand, churning milk, butter making, cooking traditonal Irish recipes.

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We hope that this short video will give you a glimpse of what to expect in our dvds. In our full one hour long dvds we go much more indepth into the type of farming featured. While some of our dvds look at how farming was carried out in the 1920's most of our productions are based on the farming years of the 1950's and 1960's.

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The Classic Collection - Six Disc Boxset

Packed with six one hour videos of farming and country life in Ireland from the 1920s through to the 1960's. At half the retail price of our single dvds this 6 disc collection will bring back the most memories for your money

Ony £29.99

Preserving the Past @ Muckross Farms

One of our most popular dvds "Preserving the Past" follows the farming years of the 1920s and 1930s in Ireland. At Muckross Traditional Farms the farming year of this period is recreated and captured from start to finish in this dvd.

Ony £9.99

The Golden Years of Farming (in Ireland)

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Ony £9.99

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"I love those videos of farm life back in 50's and 60's....It is a wonderful way to keep memories alive..." Mary C
"Love reading about Ireland farming, history and recipes!" Denise P
"I can assure you when you purchase you will not be disappointed, I've got most of them, Brilliant." Victor G
"Brilliant especially for a generation that didn't experience life on farms like we did" Teresa M
"Great service received dvds earlier than expected, Thank you. " Kenneth D
"Fab Videos. Nice to see how farming was done In my Fathers time." Ian L